The courses listed below within the Undergraduate Program may be taken as a Biblical Studies Certificate or applied as a

  major concentration toward any of the online Bible degrees listed.


·  Chaplaincy Program (Certificate) - This is a 10 week intense program.  The program teaches the importance of pastoral care/chaplaincy and counseling and how it is grounded in the proclamation of the Word of God in Christian ministry. Although many chaplains are ordained ministers, you don't have to be ordained to work as a chaplain, but you do have to have an endorsement or commission from your faith group. An endorsement may be obtained after satisfying specific education and training objectives outlined by an authority in your faith group.  It is our prayer that you are richly blessed as you either begin or continue your work in this ministry of the Lord.  Register

 ·  Leadership Program (Certificate) -  over 30 weeks in the following areas.  

LP - 2020 A Different Kind of Leader *required. (3 credit hours) this is servant leadership.  This course helps the student  learn how to apply these truths in the day in which we live.

LP - 2021  Biblical Leadership  *required - (3 credit hours)  "We have different gifts according to grace given us…..if it 

is leadership, let him govern diligently." (Rom. 12:6, 8)

LP - 2022  Know Your Bible –  *required - (3 credit hours)  All 66 books explained and applied

LP - 2023  Lessons to Boost Your Leadership  (3 credit hours) 

LP - 2025  The Sunday School Ministry  (3 credit hours)  Sunday School continues to be the front runner in the 

education of church ministry.  The objectives are for students to gain a better understanding of how Sunday School began

and its' role in Evangelism.

 ·  Creation Therapy (Certificate)  -  A Biblically Based Model for Christian Counseling                                                    by Richard Arno, Ph.D. & Phyllis Arno, Ph.D.

This course teaches accountability for each individual's actions and helps the reader understand who God created him or her to be.  This is a 10 week intense program

The purpose of this course is to:

1. Provide the student with the Biblical, historic and scientific background of the theory of temperament and to provide evidence of the validity of this theory as a guide to understanding human behavior from a Christian perspective 
based upon human God-given "Inborn" temperament.

2. Teach the student the general behavior patterns of each temperament, how it affects every aspect of all our lives, and how to use this information to develop and maintain human relationships.

3. Introduce the student to a test called "Arno Profile System." this test, measures inborn temperament with an accuracy rate of over 95.7%.  This is a 
proven success rate and Christian Counseling tool based on the therapy conducted with over 7,000 counselees. 

4. Provide the student with a credible alternative to counseling/coaching techniques currently available to the Christian community. 

5. Teach the student a faith-based approach to human behavior to better equip them to serve in lay-counseling or coaching that assists others in achieving long-term emotional and spiritual well-being.

Ten (10) A.P.S. reports are required to complete this course.  Lay people will receive a Certified Member Certificate or Certified Pastoral Member Certificate, upon passing the course and completing all requirements and clinical. This course can be transfer into C.E.U.'s degree program and eliminates three courses for the B.A. or M.A. program in Christian counseling through our Certified Academic Institute (C.A.I).

DOMV - 4012 -  Domestic Violence (Counseling) -  Students will gain insight on the love of God while discovering attributes of Domestic Violence within the Christian Community.