Extension Sites

HRU has expanded to include extension sites to continue to offer theology education in the following locations.

West Memphis, Arkansas

Accra, Gahana

Teshie, Accra, Gahana

Lagos State, Nigeria

Sapele, Delta State, Nigeria

Beaufort, South Carolina

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Welcome - Apostle-Bishop, Dr. Barbara C. Moore

We welcome an additional faculty member, Dr. Barbara C. Moore, Ph.D., D.Min., Ed.D., Professor.  Dr. Moore has extensive christian service experience to include professor within various seminaries.  Check out the staff page for full overview of her extensive experience.


Teaching Assignment

Announcing the teaching assignment for Cynthia Mills with H. Roscoe University. Professor Mills (pictured on the right) began teaching Christian Education classes at the University in October 2015. She received her Associate, Bachelor, and Master Degree in Biblical Studies/Christian Education, and a Certificate in Creation Therapy on Temperament Counseling from H. Roscoe University.